Podwide Features

Ready Out of the Box

The Podwide marketplace seamlessly integrates various industry models, such as mining, C2 cloud computing, and AI model computation. We offer a diverse range of ready-to-use resources, eliminating the hassle of searching for suitable models. This ensures immediate and efficient utilization, enabling users to jump-start their projects without delays.

Diverse, Efficient, and Flexible

Leveraging DMOS, Podwide unifies infrastructure into a robust resource pool, akin to the simplicity of using tap water. This integration simplifies access to a variety of resources, enhancing operational efficiency and boosting business agility on a daily basis.

Professional Technical Support

Navigating the complexities of underlying technical architectures can be challenging, but with Podwide, you are never alone. Our senior technical team is committed to providing comprehensive one-stop service and support. We address all your technical needs promptly and professionally, from deployment to optimization and troubleshooting.

Low Cost, High Returns

For node providers, Podwide establishes clear standards and protocols along with a simplified onboarding process, reducing entry barriers and enabling effective monetization of idle resources. This approach leads to significant economic returns.

For platform users, the costs of utilizing resources are considerably lower than those associated with traditional public cloud services. Podwide’s economic model is designed to maximize profits with minimal investment, striking the perfect balance between high performance and low cost.

Flexible Leasing Options

Podwide offers versatile hourly or daily rental plans, complemented by efficient network storage services. This flexibility enables users to optimize costs and resource utilization, catering to diverse needs and project timelines, and achieving optimal business performance.

Smart Matching for Enhanced Efficiency

Utilizing advanced smart matching algorithms enabled by DMOS, Podwide ensures high resource occupancy rates. This intelligent system efficiently aligns available resources with user demands, maximizing utilization and profitability, thereby enhancing overall platform efficiency.

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