Web3 Customization

Web3 Customization: Fit For Purpose

Onboarding Guide for Web3 Customization, an Innovative WIAS Platform

Web3 Customization is Podwide.ai's innovative WIAS (Web3 Integration as a Service) product. It provides efficient and customized solutions for enterprises, helping them quickly integrate with Web3 projects and seize market opportunities. Through this service, enterprises can seamlessly connect to leading Web3 projects such as io.net and Aleo, leveraging underlying resources powered by DMOS and optimized SmartPool technology to maximize returns.

Web3 Customization offers comprehensive support, from resource management to transparent data monitoring, ensuring smooth and efficient project integration. Enterprises can enjoy a one-stop service while receiving additional incentives, driving rapid business growth.

Service Features

Full-Stack Technical Support

  • Provide customized tools and services, including data storage, device monitoring, and no-code deployment options.

  • Simplify the integration process, ensuring smooth and comprehensive support from start to finish with just one order.

Global Project Integration

  • Gain immediate access to premium Web3 projects such as AI Cloud and Mining.

  • Earn Podwide platform points during service use, offering an additional incentive.

DMOS Resource Management

  • Unified management by DMOS, providing clear views of GPU performance and equipment visualization.

  • Ensure optimal resource allocation and utilization.

Transparent Data Monitoring

  • Real-time device status, earnings, and contract expiration viewable on Podwide.ai.

  • All revenue data recorded on the blockchain for a transparent management experience.

Note: Currently, all project integrations are managed by the Podwide.ai team. All work is handled by our professional SREs, and you only need to monitor progress and earnings.

User Benefits

  • Simplified Integration: Receive professional full-stack support for quick and efficient Web3 project access, saving time and effort.

  • Transparent Earnings: Easily view and manage earnings, ensuring maximum returns.

  • Additional Rewards: Earn Podwide main chain points as an incentive for active participation and usage of Web3 projects.

  • Efficient Resource Management: Utilize DMOS to get clear GPU status and visualization, ensuring optimal resource use and performance.

Web3 Customization offers a high-efficiency, transparent, and incentivized Web3 project integration solution, helping enterprises seize market opportunities and drive rapid business growth.

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