Bare Metal

Onboarding Guide for Bare Metal: AI-Centric Performance with Dedicated Hardware

Bare Metal servers are designed to deliver maximum performance and full control over your computing environment, making them ideal for your most intensive AI tasks. With dedicated hardware, our bare metal servers eliminate any potential for resource contention, ensuring the highest levels of security and performance.

AI-Centric Cloud Platform for Intensive Workloads

Start Training and Scaling Your ML Model Today

Take full control of your AI infrastructure by deploying dedicated bare metal servers with NVIDIA's H100 GPUs in just a few seconds. Start training your models on Podwide's platform with pre-configured deep learning tools.

Service Features

Full Access to Dedicated Hardware in the Cloud

  • Dedicated Power, On-Demand: Access dedicated hardware resources whenever you need them, ensuring unmatched power and flexibility for your AI tasks.

  • Unmatched Hardware Accessibility: Gain complete access to high-performance hardware in the cloud, optimizing your computing capabilities for AI applications.

Dedicated Hardware

  • Complete Control: Enjoy complete control over your AI computing environment without the limitations of shared resources.

  • Performance Optimization: Achieve optimal performance by utilizing dedicated hardware tailored to your specific AI needs.

Maximum Security

  • Isolated Environment: Benefit from an isolated environment that enhances security, reducing risks associated with multi-tenant platforms.

  • Data Protection: Ensure the highest levels of data protection with dedicated hardware that minimizes potential vulnerabilities.

Resource Contention Elimination

  • Consistent Performance: Eliminate resource contention and guarantee consistent, high-level performance for your most demanding AI applications.

  • Reliability: Rely on a stable and predictable environment that supports your mission-critical AI workloads without compromise.

User Benefits

  • Unmatched Performance: Harness the power of dedicated hardware to achieve unparalleled performance for intensive AI tasks.

  • Enhanced Security: Operate within a secure, isolated environment that provides robust protection for your data and applications.

  • Full Control: Maintain full control over your computing resources, enabling precise optimization and management of your AI infrastructure.

  • Consistent Reliability: Enjoy a consistent, high-performance environment that supports the stability and reliability of your AI operations.

  • On-Demand Power: Access dedicated hardware resources on-demand, ensuring you have the necessary power when you need it.

  • Optimal Accessibility: Benefit from complete access to high-performance hardware in the cloud, enhancing your computing efficiency and flexibility for AI projects.

Training and Inference Redefined

Podwide's Bare Metal servers offer an optimal solution for enterprises seeking maximum performance, security, and control over their AI computing environment. With pre-configured deep learning tools and NVIDIA H100 GPUs, you can start training and scaling your ML models today.

The AI Infrastructure for the Companies of Tomorrow

Podwide’s Bare Metal servers are the ideal choice for enterprises looking to build the AI infrastructure of the future. Ensure efficient and reliable execution of your most demanding AI tasks with Podwide's dedicated hardware.

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