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Emerging Force in Distributed GPU Cloud Computing

Podwide is a global distributed GPU cloud computing service provider specializing in AI model training. We specialize in the training, deployment, and scaling of AI models. Committed to leveraging high-performance NVIDIA RTX 4090 and NVIDIA RTX H100 GPUs, our platform offers a wide array of product services, including GPU Cloud, Serverless, Bare Metal, Web3 Customization, C2 Cloud, and Storage. These services are designed to support multi-regional deployments worldwide, meeting diverse requirements for low-latency and high-performance across various user cases and models.

Innovate with Power, Scale with Podwide.

What Does Podwide Offer?

High-Performance GPU Cloud Services

Podwide delivers dedicated instances and sophisticated AI infrastructure that ensure efficient training and inference of AI models. Our GPU instances are equipped for rapid deployment and come pre-configured with advanced deep learning tools, significantly enhancing the productivity and efficiency of AI model training and inference processes.


Our serverless offering simplifies the deployment and scaling of AI models, allowing developers to focus on optimization and business logic without the hassles of managing underlying hardware. Equipped with powerful APIs and management console tools, our platform enables effortless management and optimization of AI models.

Distributed Bare Metal Servers

Tailored for high-performance computing and AI workloads, Podwide’s bare metal servers are globally deployed to ensure the lowest latency and optimal performance. Take full control of your AI infrastructure without concerns of underlying hardware sharing conflicts, ensuring optimal performance and security for your critical applications.

Web3 Customization

Web3 Customization provides customized Web3 integration solutions that facilitate swift connections to Web3 projects like io.net and Aleo, enhancing user engagement through active participation and rewards on the Podwide main chain.

Diverse Product Services

Podwide offers comprehensive technical support through our GPU Cloud, bare metal servers, C2 Cloud, and Storage services. We cater to a broad spectrum of industries, from startups to large enterprises, enhancing fields such as generative AI and cryptocurrency.

High Performance and Scalability

Our services are engineered for rapid deployment and dynamic scaling based on demand, capable of accommodating projects ranging from a few GPUs to extensive AI deployments.

Cost Efficiency

We offer flexible pricing models and multiple computing options, enhancing cost transparency and predictability. Our clients can optimize their expenditures without sacrificing performance, ensuring maximum cost-effectiveness.

Embracing the AIGC Era: Powering AI and ZK Cloud with Advanced GPU Support

As we step into the rapidly advancing AIGC era, Podwide leverages cutting-edge GPU technology to drive innovation and secure a trustworthy digital environment for AI and ZK Cloud applications. Our high-performance GPU clusters facilitate efficient processing of complex data handling and encryption tasks, preparing us to meet the challenges and opportunities of this new era.

By focusing on decentralized trust frameworks through Web3 and enhancing data privacy with ZK Cloud technology, our GPU platform delivers reliable computational power. This not only accelerates data processing and elevates system security but also introduces innovative data protection methods for businesses and developers.

Our strategic technology investments position Podwide as an emerging leader in the AIGC era, continually embracing and integrating the latest technologies to boost our platform's competitiveness. We invite our global customers to join us in exploring and shaping the future of digital transformation, leveraging these revolutionary technologies for shared success.

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